300+ Would You Rather Questions

It’s never easy to break the ice at parties and occasions, especially in the day and age when emojis and gifs make communication far less emotionally draining. So you’re with a new group of people, but you want to know them better, what do you do? You want to know who’s more like you, without being too upfront about it.

It’s hard to gauge a person’s personality objectively, but asking them to choose between two options is a good way to go about it. Playing ‘Would You Rather’ is the best way to keep things interesting, get to know more about people, and find out if your friends are really who you think they are.

Why Play ‘Would You Rather’ and Not Something Else

Truth be told, it’s always a good time to play ‘Would You Rather’, but more so when you’re with new people. Not everyone’s comfortable with other games like ‘Truth or Dare’, so it’s best to stick to easy questions that let them choose the closest possible answers.

What is Would You Rather Questions?

‘Would You Rather’ is a fun party game that needs at least two players to start. It’s even better with more players, but you’ll need to write the questions in pieces of paper and put them in a hat, so everyone gets a chance to ask and answer questions. You can also try using a bottle instead so that it keeps things interesting.

As each person takes a turn to ask someone a question, they’ll ask them to choose between two crazy items, impossible opportunities, or weird scenarios. Although you can come up with great questions at the spur of the moment, it’s best to prepare questions beforehand just in case, because it’s more fun, and keeps the game moving without long pauses when you need to come up with a good enough question.

No one is quite sure who created Would You Rather,” but it’s a fun game where people are faced with two extremely difficult choices. It’s great in big and small group settings and makes for tons of fun, no matter who it’s played with. But finding interesting questions is not as easy as one would think. And that’s exactly why this article is taking all the trouble away by providing you with 100 fun ‘would you rather’ questions. Are you ready to say which you would rather?

Awesome ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

Ideally, you should have a good 100 to 150 ‘Would You Rather’ questions ready. Questions change from time to time, and we stayed on top of the trends to come up with awesome questions in various categories. Have fun getting to know your friends better with these questions.

  1. Would you rather only being able to whisper or only being able to shout?
  2. Would you rather all your teeth fall out or all your hair fall out?
  3. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie version?
  4. Would you rather have four feet or four hands?
  5. Would you rather have super strength or super speed?
  6. Would you rather marry the smartest person in the world or the hottest person in the world?
  7. Would you rather dress in neon yellow or neon pink for the rest of your life?
  8. Would you rather not be able to smell or not be able to taste?
  9. Would you rather have the ability to time travel or to stop time?
  10. Would you rather find your dream partner or your dream job?
  11. Would you rather live without music or movies?
  12. Would you rather work in a great-paying job that you hate or in a minimum wage-paying job you love?
  13. Would you rather wear sweatpants for the rest of your life, or never be able to wear them again?
  14. Would you rather invent something new or discover something new?
  15. Would you rather be an infamous villain or an unknown superhero?
  16. Would you rather eat dog or cat food with every meal?
  17. Would you rather be able to tell what everyone is thinking or see everyone’s future?
  18. Would you rather be great at something no one cares about or mediocre at something everyone cares about?
  19. Would you rather lose your ability to speak or lose your ability to read?
  20. Would you rather only drinking coffee for the rest of your life or never be able to drink it again?
  21. Would You rather let a stranger lick your foot or you licking your best friend’s foot?
  22. Would you rather have the ability to change your past or change something that’ll happen in the future?
  23. Would you rather always having to say what you think or never being able to say anything again?
  24. Would you rather frame your best friend for a horrible crime you committed or be framed for a horrible crime you didn’t commit?
  25. Would you rather have free Starbucks for the rest of your life or free Netflix, Hulu and Prime subscriptions forever?
  26. Would you rather use a map or a GPS that’s extremely weak and slow?
  27. Would you rather be able to remember everything you see or remember everything you hear?
  28. Would you rather kiss a snake or a jellyfish?
  29. Would you rather be able to lie and no one ever knows or be able to tell when someone is lying?
  30. Would you rather have your grandfather’s hair or teeth?
  31. Would you rather walk in on your parents having some sexy time or have them walk in on you?
  32. Would you rather give up pizza or pasta forever?
  33. Would you rather never being able to show how you feel or never being able to feel anything?
  34. Would you rather live on the streets for a week or sleep in bed with the ex you hate the most for one night?
  35. Would you rather be unhappily single or married for the rest of your life?
  36. Would you rather say “I love you” to everyone or never be able to say it again?
  37. Would you rather have your salary quadrupled or win the lottery but have to spend it all in one day?
  38. Would you rather control fire or water?
  39. Would you rather spend one week in the wilderness or one night in a real haunted house?
  40. Would you rather have your house robbed or your phone hacked?
  41. Would you rather be catfished for an entire year or be cheated on by someone you just started dating?
  42. Would you rather have a horrible tattoo or an infected, oozing piercing which will heal completely in one year?
  43. Would you rather wear dirty laundry for the rest of your life or brand new clothes with the price tags always exposed?
  44. Would you rather sound like Darth Vader or look like Darth Vader?
  45. Would you rather be stuck with someone who talked non-stop or be stuck on an island all alone?
  46. Would you rather be a creature of the night or have to hibernate every three months?
  47. Would you rather eat raw food or TV dinners for the rest of your life?
  48. Would you rather if robots or aliens ruled the world?
  49. Would you rather go out solo or be the third wheel?
  50. Would you rather find Atlantis or El Dorado?
  51. Would you rather be on Team DC or Team Marvel?
  52. Would you rather always being an hour early or 20 minutes late?
  53. Would you rather never being able to eat pancakes or eat cereal again?
  54. Would you rather be eaten by a great white shark or be crushed to death by a giant squid?
  55. Would you rather be in a coma for ten years or in prison for five?
  56. Would you rather be raised by monkeys or by wolves?
  57. Would you rather eat soup with a knife or eat steak with a spoon?
  58. Would you rather shave your head bald or get a bad haircut?
  59. Would you rather work hard to be successful or inherit a ton of money?
  60. Would you rather eat burned food for the rest of your life or eat other people’s leftovers?
  61. Would you rather have nine toes or an extra nipple?
  62. Would you rather see what your future spouse looks like or what your future children will look like?
  63. Would you rather be cremated alive or buried alive?
  64. Would you rather never eating chocolate again or never kissing anyone again?
  65. Would you rather solve world hunger or achieve world peace?
  66. Would you rather wake up next to your ex or next to a venomous snake?
  67. Would you rather never being able to go out during the day or never being able to go out at night?
  68. Would you rather be invisible to people of the same sex or people of the opposite sex?
  69. Would you rather lose all your memories or go blind?
  70. Would you rather lose your wallet or lose your phone?
  71. Would you rather be poor and selfless or rich and selfish?
  72. Would you rather find a hidden camera in your bathroom or find it in your bedroom?
  73. Would you rather die by the age of 50 with no regrets or live to 100 with many regrets?
  74. Would you rather never losing the TV remote again or never having to watch another commercial?
  75. Would you rather be born with the trunk of an elephant or the neck of a giraffe?
  76. Would you rather look old but feel young or look young but feel old?
  77. Would you rather cheat on someone and admit it to them or be cheated on many times and never find out?
  78. Would you rather not eat breakfast or lunch for the rest of your life?
  79. Would you rather having to sit all day or stand all day?
  80. Would you rather feel extremely hot or extremely cold?
  81. Would you rather win an Olympic gold medal or a Nobel prize?
  82. Would you rather win $100, 000 or let your best friend win $1 million?
  83. Would you rather have no eyebrows or just one eyebrow?
  84. Would you rather get a free six-pack of beer for the rest of your life or have a six-pack on your chest?
  85. Would you rather be smart but broke or rich and stupid?
  86. Would you rather take a guaranteed $100,000 or risk it all on a 50-50 chance at $1 million?
  87. Would you rather have one wish granted today or wait five years for three wishes?
  88. Would you rather lose all your fingers or one eye?
  89. Would you rather not have elbows or not have knees?
  90. Would you rather walk around in a clown wig or in clown shoes?
  91. Would you rather have diarrhea on a plane that’s 6 hours long or be stuck next to someone who does?
  92. Would you rather walk lying down or sleep standing up?
  93. Would you receive no gifts for your birthday or presents you hated?
  94. Would you rather no one show up to your funeral or no one show up to your wedding?
  95. Would you rather your neighbors be noisy or nosy?
  96. Would you rather be bored or be too busy?
  97. Would you rather have five good friends or one amazing friend?
  98. Would you rather get into a fight with Rambo or the Terminator?
  99. Would you rather be able to sing like Whitney Houston or cook like Gordon Ramsay?
  100. Would you rather look like Donald Trump or talk like Donald Trump?

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Would You Rather Questions

Gross Food-Combinations and Edibles

These questions ask the player to choose between two gross food combinations or edibles.

Would You Rather

  1. Go vegetarian forever or only eat meat that you hunt or raise yourself
  2. Eat fish flavored chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes that smell like farts
  3. Give up ice cream during the summer or hot chocolate during the winter
  4. That whenever you feel like eating a steak; eat well-done steaks with a spoon or watermelon ‘steaks’.
  5. Not drink champagne at New Year’s or not eat cake at birthdays.
  6. Replace maple syrup with ketchup on pancakes or have ice cream that tastes like pizza
  7. Not be able to see what you’re eating and only taste it once you’ve eaten, or be able to see your food but can’t remember what it tastes like before you’ve eaten it.
  8. Only be able to tell if food is rotten by tasting it or everything you eat smells like it’s stale.
  9. Always eat warm food that’s gone cold but cold food stays nicely chilled or cold food that’s gone warm but hot food stays hot
  10. Eat live ants as sprinkles on ice cream or fried mealworms
  11. Eat chocolate that tastes like chicken or chicken that tastes like chocolate
  12. Not eat turkey at Thanksgiving or not eat candy at Halloween.
  13. Survive on a keto diet or live on a paleo diet.
  14. Give up cheese or give up chocolate.
  15. Eat at a fancy restaurant with a blind date or ride the bus and share gummy bears with your crush.
  16. Have Gordon Ramsay scream at you while teaching you how to cook good food or never get to prepare your food again.
  17. Only eat burnt food or only eat other people’s half-eaten meals and leftovers for the rest of your life.
  18. Drink soup without a spoon or eat noodles with your hand.
  19. Feel the pain of everything you eat or get lactose intolerant all of a sudden.
  20. Make unbelievable desserts but terrible pasta or cook delicious pasta but terrible breakfast foods.

Gruesome Scenarios and Situations

In these questions, you’ll ask the player to pick between two equally weird scenarios and situations, both of which can involve some element of survival.

Would You Rather

  1. Have raging diarrhea at a festival or at your wedding
  2. Lose your car or all the pictures you’ve ever taken
  3. Be alone your whole life or never make any real friends
  4. Never shower again but get clean clothes every day or never get clean clothes again but shower every day
  5. Have your dream body but you can only wear thrift store clothes or stay as you are but you can wear luxury clothes
  6. Have a famous person’s ghost as your best friend but only you can see them or a human best friend who always wears a bunny suit
  7. For the rest of the year only listen to 10 songs from 2016-2018 or 50 songs from the 90s.
  8. Use sandpaper as toilet paper or not use any toilet paper ever.
  9. When it’s cold wear a warm jacket but with shorts or warm pants and boots but with a tank top.
  10. For the rest of your life watch movies alone or eat dinner alone.
  11. For ten hours, go to a concert by a band you hate or have dinner with your least favorite politician?
  12. Always look ten years younger from the neck up or the neck down.
  13. Always have an itch that you can’t reach or always have a song stuck in your head and you can’t remember the name.
  14. Be stuck on a stranded island with only one book to read or only one movie to watch.
  15. Always smell like cheese to other people or have other people smell like cheese to you.
  16. Have hair all over your body that you can’t shave off or have no hair on your body at all.
  17. Have a slow internet connection and download speed forever or get stuck in traffic at least once, whenever you’re on the road.
  18. Never wear sweatpants ever again or only wear sweatpants for the rest of your life.
  19. Say your wedding vows with only mumble rap lyrics or say your wedding vows using only quotes from Adventure Time.
  20. Only get one chance to wash your hair once every year for the rest of your life or only wear wet socks for a whole year.
  21. Give up using Facebook for the rest of your life or only eat meals from the McDonald’s menu forever.
  22. Kiss a random stranger you see on the street or share a stranger’s toothbrush.
  23. Wake up with an awful hangover every day for a week or be allergic to caffeine forever.
  24. Get attacked by a shark in the water but survive or get attacked by a flock of geese and quite possibly die.
  25. Wear jean shorts under all your pants or wear a diaper under all your pants.
  26. Sleep on the floor for a year or a nice bed with a soft mattress but someone died on it.
  27. That every pair of pants you wear has a broken fly or every shirt you wear has old sweat stains.
  28. Have chapped lips that never get better or a stuffed nose that you can’t get rid of.
  29. Only be able to type ten words per minute or only be able to read ten words per minute.
  30. Only be allowed to write with your non-dominant hand or only be allowed to type without using your thumbs.
  31. Have a green gas cloud appear near your butt whenever your fart or taste rotten eggs whenever you burp.
  32. Have your arms randomly fall off or your hair fall off whenever you get scared.
  33. Would you rather be poor but help people or become incredibly rich by hurting people?

Insane Abilities and Powers

This category of questions asks the player to choose between abilities and superpowers.

Would You Rather

  1. Know when you’re going to die or visualize how you’re going to die
  2. Have super strength but not give any hugs or be invisible but everyone can still see your clothes
  3. Have a key that opens any door or mind control abilities
  4. Travel back to the past and meet your ancestors or go to the future and hang out with your grand-children.
  5. Be able to talk to animals or speak multiple foreign languages.
  6. Run at a speed of 100mph or fly at a speed of 10mph.
  7. Be able to make friends easily or have all animals like you.
  8. Be able to drive cars like a race-car driver or be able to fly a plane really well
  9. Have amazing shooting skills or trained in martial arts.
  10. Have amazing cooking skills or an impeccable fashion sense so you can make any clothes look good.
  11. Live underwater or live underground
  12. Have awesome survival skills or unbeatable haggling skills.
  13. Retain your ability to read or gain the ability to read minds.
  14. Get a chance to change your past or be able to predict the future.
  15. Be able to see smells or be able to taste colors.
  16. Be an awesome dancer but terrible singer or be an awesome singer but a terrible dancer.
  17. Remember everything you hear but have a hard time remembering whatever you see or have a photographic memory but you can’t memorize things that you hear.
  18. Understand every language that you hear someone speaking or be able to play any instrument that you touch.
  19. Have wheels instead of feet or a Swiss army knife instead of one hand.
  20. Have the ability to see through walls or have enhanced hearing.
  21. Have super speed but you’re stuck with slow internet or have super fast internet download speed but you’re slow at everything else.
  22. Have healing abilities or the ability to summon a dragon.
  23. Be loved by everyone’s pets or be loved by everyone’s kids.

Fantastic Fantasies and Adventures

This category adds a twist by asking the player to choose between two awesome instances like vacations or a date with their celebrity crush.

  1. Visit Hogwarts for a day and tell your friends you’re a wizard or study at Hogwarts but get a desk job and never tell anyone
  2. Date your celebrity crush by posing as a celebrity or be friends with them as yourself
  3. Live in your dream location as a poor person or in a small town with a big house and all the perks
  4. Get free meals at every restaurant or get free flights to destinations of your choice
  5. Have Beyonce accidentally show up at your birthday party or have Taylor Swift wish you happy birthday on social media
  6. Have a popular movie made about you that adults hate or become a cartoon character that kids love
  7. Who would you rather sing at your wedding: Ariana Grande, but she only sings breakup songs or Bruno Mars, but he doesn’t know it’s a wedding so he shows up like from the Finesse MV.
  8. Spend an evening with your crush and have a great time, but they don’t remember anything the next morning or spend the whole day with your crush but you don’t remember anything the next morning.
  9. Get a special discount at your favorite restaurant or a special discount at your favorite retail store.
  10. Go back in time and; study at the same school as your celebrity crush or work at the same place as them before they become famous.
  11. Never have to wait for your food to arrive at a restaurant or never have to stop at a red light while crossing a signal.
  12. Be a very believable liar or be able to tell whenever anyone is lying to you.
  13. Spend a million dollars on clothes only or spend 100,000 dollars on whatever you want.
  14. Have beautiful kids or incredibly smart kids.
  15. Have a car that has an infinitely full tank of gas or a bottomless pack of fires. 

Hilarious Switches and Changes

In this section, you can ask the player to choose between different ‘switched’ aspects of their life, body or personality.

Would You Rather

  1. Have clothes that are 1 size smaller or 2 sizes bigger
  2. Give up Netflix or give up social media
  3. Have bad long-term memory or horrible short-term memory
  4. Not be able to recognize your friends until you’ve smelled their breath or not be able to recognize your boss until they speak
  5. Lose all your hair for an instantly toned body or have amazing hair but never get in shape no matter how hard you try
  6. Never enjoy jokes again but everyone laughs at your jokes or enjoy every joke (even if its lame) but no one laughs at your jokes
  7. Have hands for feet or feet for hands.
  8. What would you give up for a month: showering or Wi-Fi?
  9. Live without a microwave or air conditioning/heating?
  10. Never own a car or never have a pet
  11. Throughout the year, live in a place that’s too cold or too hot.
  12. Get free Wi-Fi wherever you go or free snacks wherever you go?
  13. Be the funniest person at a family reunion or the smartest person at a party.
  14. Ride a unicycle to work or hop on a pogo stick to work.
  15. Grow all the food you need to eat or sew all the clothes you need to wear.
  16. Only watch the few movies with a rating above 95 percent on Rotten tomatoes or watch the many movies with a rating below 50 percent on Rotten tomatoes.
  17. Be the most popular kid in high school or your professor’s favorite during college.
  18. Wear the same shoes for the rest of your life or wear the same jacket at every event.
  19. Be born richer with less desirable physical features or be born poorer with desirable physical features.
  20. Give up wearing socks for a year or give up wearing underwear for a year.
  21. Lose all your teeth or lose all your hair.
  22. Have fingers that are as long as your legs or have legs that are as long as your fingers.
  23. Only wear lime green colored clothes for the rest of the year or only wear bright orange colored clothes for the rest of the year.
  24. Give up using emojis for a year or give up shopping for half a year.
  25. Have two extra fingers on one hand or have one finger missing on one hand.
  26. Become super attractive or marry someone super attractive.
  27. Have a great boy/girlfriend or have great friends.
  28. Never be able to use earphones or never be able to use a fork.
  29. Sing like Adele but breathe like Darth Vader or sound like Morgan Freeman but laugh like Peter Griffin.
  30. Lose your shorts while in the swimming pool or have your pants rip while on a date with your crush.
  31. Sound like Gilbert Gottfried during a presentation at work or have a recruiter sound like Gilbert Gottfried during your job interview.
  32. Always have something stuck in your teeth or always have dandruff on your shoulders.
  33. Drink everything from a sippy cup or eat everything out of a popcorn bucket.
  34. Switch places with your pet for a day or become allergic to your pet all of a sudden.

Conscience-Boggling Questions

Some thought-provoking questions can really boggle your sense of morality and fairness, the same applies to friends. Are your friends as nice as you think they are? Find out with these questions.

Would You Rather

  1. Go to prison for a crime you never committed or get away with murder, but live in fear of getting caught?
  2. Live with your family hating you while everyone else loves you or live with everyone else hating you while only your family loves you?
  3. Die sooner without any regrets or die much later with a lot of regrets
  4. Get rich by emotionally hurting the ones you love or be kind to them but you stay poor.
  5. Die from hypothermia or die from heatstroke.
  6. Swim 300m through sewage or run 300m through a field of dead bodies.
  7. Die before the person you love the most passes away or after the person you love the most passes away.
  8. Believe every lie you’re told or lose the ability to lie to people.
  9. Never be able to speak your mind or always say what you’re thinking.
  10. Save a species from extinction or discover time travel.
  11. Relive your life from five years of age, knowing everything you know now or predict what you’ll learn in the future.
  12. Be stuck on a ski lift for an hour or be stuck in an elevator for an hour.
  13. Relive the same day over again or wake up every day with no memory of what happened yesterday.
  14. That your boss goes through your text messages or your parents go through your text messages.
  15. Jump out of a plane without a parachute or ride a rollercoaster without a safety belt
  16. Survive a zombie apocalypse alone or team up with your worst enemy to fight zombies
  17. Always be surrounded by paparazzi or live the rest of your life in solitude
  18. Gain immortality and watch your friends and family pass away or slip into a coma for 10 years of your life.
  19. Have an amazing childhood but miserable adulthood or have amazing adulthood but a miserable childhood.
  20. Work for a great boss while earning a minimum wage salary or work for a terrible boss while earning a high salary.
  21. Feel young and look older or look young and feel older.
  22. Date someone who gets along with your friends or date someone who gets along with your parents.
  23. Never get married or never talk to your parents.
  24. Be best friends with the devil but he always stops you from doing good or be best friends with an angel but he always stops you from doing bad stuff.
  25. Have someone watching you all the time but you never realize or have someone watching you all the time but you know who it is.
  26. Have every scratch leave a scar on your body or have every pimple leave a scar on your face.

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