30 Affirmations That Could Change Your Life

Repeating affirmations is a good way to raise your vibration. But there is one problem… The problem is that if you say an affirmation that you don’t believe, or that doesn’t make you feel better, then it won’t work.

What’s the trick?

Don’t try to say affirmations when you feel lousy. Wait until later, when you feel better. Here are 30 affirmations that you can say to help raise your vibration and help in the manifestation of the good you desire. But only use them when they feel good to you:

30 Affirmations That Could Change Your Life

#1: I am worthy.

So many of us don’t believe this, yet it is true. According to the teachings, you were born worthy! You have nothing to prove.

#2: I am good enough.

A lot of us have negative beliefs that contradict this affirmation. But remember, your beliefs create your reality! Say this often in order to make it true.

#3: All is well.

Say this when something starts to go wrong, and you could turn it completely around.

#4: Everything always works out for me.

When something goes wrong, it could be that it’s actually for a very good reason. When you say this affirmation, you will more quickly see the benefit to whatever has appeared to have gone wrong.

#5: Things are getting better and better!

Say this when things are going well, and it will get better and better. Don’t say this one when things are not going well because it isn’t true.

#6: I am smart enough.

You are smart enough. Did you know that your IQ is not fixed? You can become smarter. It’s all a matter of focus and desire.

#7: The Universe has my back.

This is a good one to use when something seems to have gone wrong. But it’s also an important one to use before something goes wrong!

#8: I trust the Universe.

This is good to use in conjunction with #7. It’s a powerful way to put your faith in something outside of yourself. The more trust you can muster, the better.

#9: I can do it!

This is a powerful affirmation when you’re faced with something that seems difficult. But when you have help from the Universe, you can do it! You can do anything. Believe it, and you’ll see it.

#10: It’s okay.

Use this one when something really seems bad. The point is to get yourself feeling better as if you are your own life coach.

Now, let’s break down the rest of the affirmations into categories:

Health Affirmations

#11: I have a healthy mind.

This may seem a bit strange. But it’s important to say this as an affirmation in case you have a habit of thinking otherwise.

#12: I have a healthy body.

Say this on a regular basis, but only say it when it feels true. The point to this whole thing is that you create your reality based upon how you feel.

#13: I feel good!

Say this when you first get up in the morning and throughout the day but only as long as it feels good to say it. Think of the song, “I feel good!” by James Brown and it will add a bounce to your step all day long!

#14: My body knows how to heal itself.

All healing is self-healing. Drugs don’t heal you. Your immune system heals you. The truth is that many drugs are more harmful than helpful, and that your mind is more powerful than any drug.

Wealth Affirmations

#15: I love money.

Say this often especially if you were born into a strict religion that taught you that money is evil. There is nothing wrong with loving money! Remember, it’s the feeling that you emit that will attract it.

#16: Money loves me!

Close to #15, this one is good to say in order to attract more money to yourself. Money does love you!

#17: Abundance is everywhere.

Let’s say you lost your home, your car, your lover left and took all four cats…

What can you do to attract more money?

See all of the abundance around you! See the abundance of trees around you, or the abundance of well-being. Appreciate that the sun came up – whatever you can think of. It’s not important what you think of – all that matters is that you come up with the feeling.

#18: I appreciate rich people!

Most of us were taught that rich people are bad and greedy. See them as good if you want to become one!

Relationships Affirmations

#19: I have lots of great friends.

State things as if they are already here. That’s the trick.

#20: I only attract happy people into my life.

Self explanatory at this point…

#21: I appreciate my friends.

Appreciation is one of the highest vibrational feelings there is. Use it often.

#22: I appreciate my family – even the rascals!

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, “God made family so that we’d appreciate our friends!” But he was kidding. When you can appreciate even the rascals in your life, you have mastered it…

Career Affirmations

#23: I have the perfect job/business.

Say this before you actually have it, and it will come.

#24: Lots of companies would love to have me.

If you want a better job, say this regularly.

#25: I appreciate my boss!

You have more control over how your boss treats you than you realize. Repeat this one when things are going well, and you’ll create that reality!

#26: I appreciate my co-workers!

Want to change your reality at work? Appreciate everyone around you and see how they morph into what you want.

Love Affirmations

#27: I love myself.

Loving yourself first is key to attracting someone who will love you.

#28: My partner is perfect for me!

Say this one before it’s actually true, and it will happen. It is law.

#29: I forgive myself.

Going hand in hand with loving yourself, forgiveness is key. Most of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else would be. Don’t do that! Forgive yourself.

#30: I appreciate my partner!

You can repeat this one even before you have your partner. The universe and your subconscious mind respond to how you feel, not your reality. Feel it before your partner is even here!


Remember, only say an affirmation when it feels good to do so. If you say them when they don’t feel good, it won’t hurt anything, but it won’t do anything either.

The whole reason to repeat an affirmation is to raise your vibration – to feel better. Remember, there is nothing more important than that you feel good!