How to Achieve Your Goals Using the Law of Attraction

Most people are not successful with setting goals. Think of it. How many times have you, on December 31st of any year, decided that you were going to set New Year Resolutions? Were you able to keep them? Probably not! Statistics show that only about 8% of people keep their New Year Resolutions! Interesting, right? But there is good news! When you understand how the Law of Attraction works, you can leverage the power of it’s teachings in order to make it much easier to accomplish your goals. When you get the help from the Universe to manifest whatever you want, reaching your goals will be a whole lot easier. Let’s dive into the 5 steps you need to do in order to make goal accomplishment a breeze… How to Achieve Your Goals Using the Law of Attraction

Step 1: Define Your “Why”

According to Tony Robbins, the personal development guru, having a powerful “why” is crucial to accomplishing your goals. When you have a powerful “why,” anything is possible. Your “why” could be something like, “So that my kids will have a better life.” If you’re a parent, you know how powerful that can be! Your “why” could be anything you want – it could be for yourself, loved ones, a group of people, or some other reason. Whatever you do, choose the most powerful reason for yourself. Choose something that is the most meaningful reason there is in your life. This way, when the going gets tough, you’ll stay motivated regardless.

Step 2: Set Realistic Goals

One of the first mistakes that people make when setting goals is that they set them too high. And then when they start to see that they aren’t going to make it, they get discouraged and give up. The whole goal-setting and goal-making process takes time and practice to master. If you set your goal too low, you won’t feel that good when you accomplish it. But if you set your goals too high, then you will quit and feel even worse. This is why you want to set goals that stretch you, but don’t break you. Think of it as if it is a basket and you’ve got the ball. Your goal is to shoot the ball into the basket. Simple! Set the basket out there far enough so that you can make it, but not so far out there that you have no chance. After setting your realistic goal and accomplishing it, then you can make a bigger goal. Doing it in steps is the way to go.

Step 3: Focus on What You Want

One of the biggest problems that people have after setting goals is that they allow themselves to get too discouraged by their current reality – the things in their normal day-to-day life that bog them down. The problem is that they don’t keep their eyes on the goal. And instead of focusing on the goal, they focus on the problems of their day-to-day life, and the feeling of not having accomplished the goal yet. We all tend to get too wrapped up in the stress of our every day lives. And when we do that, we lose our focus and our momentum to accomplish our goals. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Via the Law of Attraction, whatever you focus on, you will create more of it. So when you focus on what you don’t want, you’ll create more of that. This is why it’s so important to focus on what you want.

Step 4: Break the Goal Down to Pieces

You’ve probably heard this question before… How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! When you break big goals down into smaller pieces, you accomplish a number of things. Number one, it becomes more clear as to what you need to do right now. Number two, it doesn’t seem nearly as daunting and difficult as accomplishing the whole goal. Number three, you get the satisfaction of accomplishing the sub-goals as you go. In other words, you’ll feel better on your way to your goal because you’ll be able to accomplish one little piece at a time.

Step 5: Feel As If You Already Have It

This is one of the most important Law of Attraction concepts! To understand it, let me ask you a question… Why do you want anything in your life? Why do you want more money, or more friends, or a loving relationship? Let me answer that for you… Because when you get it, you believe that you will feel better. That’s really the only reason! But the Law of Attraction teaches us that we must feel the feeling first. In other words, you must feel that you already have what you want so that you will become a vibrational match to it. And then once you manifest that feeling for a while, what you want will come. This concept is very different than anything else taught anywhere. It’s a wild concept. But it makes sense. When you feel as if you already have what you want, then you become a vibrational match to it, and then it has to come. That’s the law. That’s how it works. Most of us have been taught the exact opposite! Most of us have been taught that we can’t feel good until we have that brand new car, or house, or relationship. And that’s why so many of us struggle to get what we want. But how do you feel as if you already have what you want? This is where you have to use your imagination and your ability to visualize. You vibrate how you feel in every moment of time. And the Universe isn’t really listening to the words you use – instead, it’s listening to how you feel.


In summary, in order to accomplish your goals more easily, you must have a powerful why. When you have a powerful “why,” you’ll create the energy you need in order to accomplish anything. Next, set realistic goals that stretch you, but that you can’t accomplish. Then focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Don’t let the daily problems in your life distract you. Next, break the goal down into manageable pieces. You’ll make it much easier to attain your goals and you’ll feel more accomplished along the way. And lastly, feel as if you already have what you want. By doing this, you will leverage the power of the Law of Attraction in order to make your goals easy to accomplish. Line

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