Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Can This Get Your Baby to Sleep?

Are you tired of sleepless nights, all because your baby refuses to allow you to sleep? Do you find yourself dreading the nights and slowly getting frustrated with your lack of sleep? Well, if this is the case with you or someone that you know, you need a tried and tested product that will help you with this problem. There are several types of programs and products on the market that claim to help you with this. The Baby Sleep Miracle product is one such product. Does it really work? What are the features, benefits, and cons? Well, this post is a Baby Sleep Miracle review. It contains all the information that you need concerning this product.

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Who is the author of Baby Sleep Miracle?

The author is Mary-Ann Schuler. She is a mother of two beautiful children, and she is also a psychologist. With this background, it is therefore not very surprising that she has the knowledge and experience in creating Baby Sleep Miracle. She has more than 20 years of experience in paediatric psychology; hence, you can rest assured that she knows what she is saying.

She has both the professional experience and the real-life experience that makes her uniquely positioned to help frustrated parents from all over the world. It is from her long experience in the field of psychology that she drew these simple instructions that will turn first-time mothers into experts when it comes to dealing with their baby’s sleep. Mary-Ann fully understands the feelings of inadequacy experienced by most parents, particularly mothers, when they are not able to get their baby to stop crying and sleep. They get overwhelmed with guilt because they start viewing themselves as bad parents.

This is the reason why she came up with tested techniques to assist such parents in coping with the sudden changes in their child’s sleep. If you complete reading her book, be prepared to experience the miracle of your child soundly sleeping through the night and being less irritable when they wake up.

When less stressed and well-rested, parenthood would be enjoyable for all parents, and this can do wonders for you, your baby, and your family.

The information being shared by Mary-Ann is obtained from the several studies, and researches carried out at the Stanford Centre for Sleep Science and Medicine and the Harvard Medical School. If you have been on the market before studying and reviewing online tips and tricks to help you put your baby to sleep, then you are probably a cynic. You probably do not believe there is anything that works out there. And this is pretty much in order because most articles, eBooks, and videos out there with baby sleep routines pretty much contain pieces of advice that do not work.

This is because they are not written by mothers or by individuals who have the relevant academic/ scholarly background to actually offer any useful advice. They are not based on actual research.

But not the Baby Sleep Miracle. It is totally different. It is written by a renowned child psychologist, and it is based on extensive research. Within just two or three weeks of reading it, you will find out why most Baby Sleep Miracle Reviews on blogs and social media are very positive.

Since we have identified the author and the authority behind the product, it is time to delve into what this product is about.

It’s quite funny that before I got this product for testing, I actually thought that it was a type of online video course since most of the testimonials from happy parents came in the form of videos.  

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What is the Baby Sleep Miracle?

The Baby Sleep Miracle is an electronic book that you can download or print after you buy it. As I pointed out earlier, I first thought that it was a video-recorded course. First, it comes for around $40. Therefore I was rather disappointed that I actually have to read it and not just watch tips. If I were the author, I would probably have named it Baby Sleep Miracle pdf, so people would know what they are getting.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is the content of the book; and I must say, it is quite interesting. As we go on in this review, you will see whether it is worth your time or not.

Who needs this product? 

The Baby Sleep Miracle is definitely for parents; especially those that are having a hard time getting their babies to sleep at night.

If you are a new parent, it can be hard to wrap your head around the best ways to get your child to sleep. A lot of parents feel stressed and suffer from lack of sleep due to this.

While you can visit internet sites and forums to get tips and tricks on how to get your baby to sleep or you will probably get snippets of advice from your friends that have gone through the same process with babies, but this product gives a faster and more complete option for busy parents.

In simple words, if you are a parent that has trouble with staying awake because your baby keeps you up all night, you will likely find the tips and techniques in this product very useful.

The Baby Sleep Miracle eBook is perfect for mums and dads who are:

  • Cool-headed, loving and caring that will follow through with the training
  • Action-oriented and willing to invest time to implement the various methods
  • Tired of constantly waking up at all hours of the morning and general lack of sleep

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What is in the Baby Sleep Miracle?

The tips and tricks contained in it are pretty useful and effective. They are also very easy to follow and give you solid advice like when your baby will sleep through the night.

So the eBook is divided into chapters. There are just four chapters, and the entire book is just a hundred pages long, so it is not a long read. In case 100 pages sound too many for you, do not fret. There are short subchapters for specific ages that you can easily locate to get the sleeping tips or advice for your child’s specific age.

The chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Sleep
  • Chapter 3: General Sleep Rules for Newborns and Infants
  • Chapter 4: Good Sleep at Every Age (there are some great sleep training methods in this)

In this section, I will be reviewing each chapter, what you will find in it, and how it can help you and your baby.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is all about explaining the dangers of sleep deprivation. If you are a new parent, then you will quickly recognize most of the dangers of sleep deprivation talked about in the chapter.

Sleep deprivation can lead to frustration, stress, depression, anger, marriage problems, and even divorce. Sleep deprivation can also cause serious weight loss and hopelessness. It can make you hate yourself. In short, it can make you pretty miserable. Mary-Ann Schuler explains sleep deprivation nicely and weaves in her experiences in this chapter.

She shows how sleep deprivation can strain the mother’s relationship with her newborn child and with her partner. She also explains how sleep deprivation can cause a nervous breakdown.

From reading this chapter, you can tell that there is a need to take urgent steps to immediately address sleep deprivation if you are a new mother. You can also tell that by addressing sleep deprivation, you can get your groove back, you can be happy again, and you can go back to communicating healthily with your partner.

Chapter 2

This chapter focuses on explaining sleep. It is based on sleep science, and it explains how we as humans fall asleep. It explains the importance of sleep to healthy living and why without sleep, we all become zombies.

I like this chapter of the book because it is well-researched and very easy to understand despite being quite scientific.

The most important thing about this chapter is that it forms the foundation on which Mary-Ann bases her general sleep rules, tips, and tricks. It is quite an informative part of the book. 

Chapter 3

This section of the eBook is all about giving you the basics of good sleep. As in, if you are totally clueless about the circumstances and the environment that can put your baby to sleep, then this is the chapter you will find most interesting.

You will also find this chapter interesting if you want to quickly debunk some of the widely held myths and misconceptions about baby sleep. This is because it nicely explains everything about baby sleep from creating sleep schedules to soothing techniques, feeding routines, and creating a sleep-friendly environment.

The pieces of information that you will learn from this part of the book will help you to know the little things you need to do to make your baby sleep well without waking up in the middle of the night.

Chapter 4

Now, this is the chapter most new parents, especially those of you who are super busy, will find most interesting.

Why? Because it contains age-specific routines, tips, and tricks to help you make your baby sleep well. The information is arranged in order, in subchapters. There is info for making your baby sleep from when they are one-month-old until they turn five-years-old.

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Bonus Content

There are some bonuses that you get from buying this product. These are:

  • Night terror stopper

From nightmares to startling sounds, help your baby remain calm and know it’s safe.

  • Double trouble -sleep trouble

Address some uncommon factors that may interfere with sleeping.

  • Miracle sounds

Learn how to help your baby relax or sleep through certain music and sounds.

How to Buy Baby Sleep Miracle

The baby sleep miracle is presented to you digitally; you can, therefore, read the information in any electronic device you have, this way;

  • You will not have to wait for long for the product to be shipped to your physical address,
  • Also, avoid the potential risk of damaging the product as it is being physically handled.

It is actually safer to purchase the product from the website than to shop at the local shop.

By purchasing this baby sleep miracle, you also get bonuses from other books. These other books entail;

  1. The simple steps that will help clear your child’s fears and allow him to sleep undisturbed and peacefully without any nightmares,
  2. The sleep of twins and siblings, how to put two children to sleep at the same time,
  3. And, the miracle sounds that you can use to put your baby to sleep. 

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Pros of Baby Sleep Miracle

  • It has got tons of useful tips, tricks, and practical info to make your baby sleep well.
  • It is a well-structured program with age-specific baby sleep information easy to find from the table of contents.
  • It comes with video testimonials of mothers who recommend the product. (It is difficult to tell if the moms are honest reviewers or paid reviewers)
  • It sets logical and realistic expectations. No overnight success promises anywhere in the program.
  • It is a research-based work that draws from Harvard University and Stanford University studies.
  • It is written by a child psychologist who is herself a mother.
  • It offers actionable solutions.
  • Comes with three bonus baby sleep materials and a 60-day money-back guarantee (you get your cash back if you find it useless).
  • Many positive Baby Sleep Miracle reviews and independent testimonials available online.
  • It is very fair-priced; great value for money.
  • It will most likely save you from sleep deprivation and will make your child cry less and be happier. 

Cons of Baby Sleep Miracle

  • It is mostly eBook-based. I could have loved to see video demonstrations of the tips and tricks.
  • You will need to read the book and practice the information given for it to work. This may take some time.
  • It is only available in a few specific languages, like English, French, Spanish & German 


This eBook is an excellent tool that can help you and your baby sleep better. I highly recommend it to every new parent. It is a legitimate product that is highly practical. Many folks have used it and highly recommend it as well.

Get your copy today!

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