How to Trigger the Hero Instinct In A Man

Creating a sparking unstoppable feelings of attraction in a man and inspiring him to commit himself to you forever is something many women dream of but only few achieve. The reason for this is because most women focus on physical aspect, they think that by looking good and slim, men will naturally fall in love with them. Well, while physical attraction plays an important role in attracting a man, it has absolutely nothing to do with creating a long lasting relationship and having a man stay committed to you for life.

There is a special instinct in every man that when triggers makes him what to prove himself to that special woman. It’s the male version of love, it’s an instinct that triggers commitment and total devotion in a man. This psychological instinct called The Hero Instinct makes a man want to be monogamous with the present woman in his life. This instinct makes a man forget every other woman and stick to you and only you.

What is His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a relationship program by James Bauer that shows you exactly what you need to stop doing, what you need to start doing, what you need to start saying right this moment to break into the heart of even the coldest, most distant man and make him love, devote and commit to you. It teaches you tips and techniques that you can use right this moment to become the sole secret obsession of your man and make him love you totally. James, a relationship and dating expert explains the concept of “The Hero Instinct” in this program and gives you the 12 Hero Instinct Word that you can use on your man this moment that will break his shell and penetrate his heart.

His Secret Obsession is a complete downloadable relationship program. In it, you will learn what men secretly want and how by changing your words to him, you can communicate love and affection to him.  Most women don’t realize the importance of learning to communicate with words and body language so that the critical moments in relationships, such as discussing commitment, become MAGICAL MOMENTS that he will always remember, instead of conflicts that he’ll always regret. In His Secret Obsession, you will learn exactly how to communicate with a man that will speak directly to his heart.

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What is Hero Instinct?

What makes a man fall in love? Do you know? What is that special something that makes a man want to know everything about you, makes him want to tell you how he feels over and over? What makes a man want to listen to what you have to say even crave knowing how you feel or what your inner world is like?

The Hero Instinct as explained by relationship author and coach James Bauer is a psychological instinct in every man that makes him step up and want to prove himself to his woman. It’s the instinct that makes a man feel powerfully attracted to you such that he re-arranges his life just to be with you. When it comes to relationship, love, emotional affection, communication, and commitment ranks top in what a woman wants. With a man, the most important thing to him is “Respect” you can’t truly convince a man you love him if he feels you don’t respect him. In a every man’s brain is that special instinct that interprets respect as love, trigger that instinct and a man will feel love and in turns want to do anything to reciprocate an even greater love.

How To Trigger A Man’s Hero Instinct

A man falls in love with you because he knows he can be himself around you. He falls in love with you because he feels SAFE expressing his innermost, private feelings with you. He knows that you can handle your feelings. He can sense that. And because he senses that at the most unconscious level, he starts to long for your company, for your touch, for your affection. He may not even know why he feels this way. All he knows is that there’s something special about you that he doesn’t feel with any other woman in his life. He wants to take you in his arms and keep you forever.

This feeling doesn’t come from how you make him feel about you, but how you make him feel about himself. James Bauer has put together a short video that guides and show you exactly how the hero instinct works and how you can use simple text messages know as the Hero Instinct 12 Words to trigger the hero instinct in a man. Watch Hero Instinct Video 

Hero Instinct Text – 12 Words

Would you like to know what to do and say to get his attention and keep him attracted to you so powerfully that he would re-arrange his whole life to spend time with you?

James Bauer, the author of Hero Instinct and His Secret Obsession developed a 12 words message known as Hero Instinct 12 Words or Hero Instinct Text. These words are emotional crafted words that have been proven to work on the psychological mind of any man.  Utter these words to a man and watch him begin to react to you in a more romantic and affectionate way. He will begin to say you as his only love, his soul mate, someone he can’t live his life without. These simple words trigger an intense feeling of love and commitment in a man.

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