202+ Hilarious Jokes for Kids

202+ Hilarious Jokes for Kids - Funny Jokes for Kids

Needless to say, it’s a lot of fun being with kids. Times spent with kids are possibly the best and most interesting. Apart from willing to sacrifice their most active times with you, kids are generally natural comedians who get easily excited about every quip tossed at them.

In this post, we’ll be treating ourselves to the best and hilarious jokes for kids. Many of these kid-approved banters you perhaps have not frequently used to create a funny scene around the house. 

Hilarious Jokes for Kids– Animal jokes

  1. The dinosaur crosses the road because the chicken wasn’t born yet.
  2. When a cucumber passes through a quaking experience, it becomes a pickle.
  3. A rabbit’s favorite dance is the Bunny Hop.
  4. A rabbit with fleas is called Bugs Bunny.
  5. If you want to why gorillas have big nostrils check their big fingers.
  6. A pampered cow produces spoiled milk.
  7. You rarely find hungry teddy bears; they’re always stuffed.
  8. The 14 carrot gold is the jewelry the rabbits wear.
  9. Birds always fly because flying is faster than walking.
  1. A dinosaur that’s sleeping is a dino-snore.
  2. The Baaa-Hamas is where the sheep do go on vacation.
  3. A deer with pink eye is called a colorful eye-deer.
  4. The scales are the weightiest part of the fish.
  5. Dogs are great dancers because they have two left feet.
  6. The wolf said ‘owwwww-ch’ when it stubbed its toe.
  7. Bees have sticky hair because they use a honeycomb.
  8. Did you know that a sleeping bull is called a bull-dozer?
  9. To fit more pigs on your farm, build a sty-scraper.
  10. Did you know that the farmer calls a cow that has no milk an udder failure or milk dud?
  11. Gorillas have big nostrils because they also have big fingers.
  12. Did you know fish prefer to live inside water because pepper makes them sneeze?
  13. The North Poll is the place polar bears vote.
  14. When you hear the judge say “odour in the court”, note that the skunk had walked in the courtroom.
  15. The ‘ouch’ is the sound the porcupines make when they kiss.
  16. Fish are smart creatures because they live in schools.
  17. Did you know you can only call a well-dressed lion a weed only when he’s dandy lion?
  18. The lion’s greeting to other animals in the field is simply ‘I’m pleased to eat you.’
  19. When the lion eats the comedian, he gets funny.
  20. The only fish that swims at night is the starfish!
  21. The fish is easy to weigh because it has its own scales.
  22. Did you know that when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn, you call it an eggroll?
  23. The chicken wouldn’t cross the road because there’s a KFC on the other side!
  24. If the chicken decides to cross the road, he’s intent on showing everyone he wasn’t chicken.
  25. The lion will spit the clown because he tastes comic.
  26. The snake’s strongest subject in school is Hiss-story.
  27. Two birds in love are call Tweethearts.
  28. What did the banana say to the dog? Nothing. Bananas can’t talk.
  29. When you cross an elephant with a fish, you’ll get swimming trunks.

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Birthday Jokes

  1. You’ll always feel warm on your birthday because people won’t stop toasting you.
  2. You know you’re getting old when you have more candles on your cake than friends at your birthday party.
  1. I’ve always got birthday present for your cat from a cat-alogue.
  2. At birthday parties in heaven, angel food cakes always served.
  3. When you were born, you were so surprised that you didn’t talk for a year and a half.
  4. A kid patient: “Doctor, I often feel heartburn each time I eat birthday cake.” Doctor: “Next time, take off the candles.”
  5. You always get another year older on your birthday?
  6. The best cake you can get on your birthday is ‘I scream’ cake.
  7. Does a pink candle burn longer than a blue one? No, they both burn shorter!
  8. We put candles on top of birthday cakes because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom.
  9. Say ‘Hoppy Birthday!’ to a kangaroo on its birthday?
  10. The love affair between sugar and cream is the icing you see on the cake.

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Christmas jokes

  1. When you see the dog hands up his stocking at Christmas, it’s awaiting Santa Paws.
  2. You get frostbite when you crossed a snowman with a vampire.
  3. A Santa elf goes about its gnomework after school.
  4. Did you know that the fear of Santa Claus is called Claustrophobia?
  5. A parent’s favorite Christmas carol is the ‘Silent Night.’
  6. Santa has a garden so he can hoe, hoe, hoe!
  7. Did you know that snowmen prefer to eat frosted flakes for breakfast?
  8. It is cold on Christmas because it’s in Decembrrrrrrrrr!

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Easter Jokes

  1.   The mushy Easter Bunny dries himself with a hare dryer.
  2.   The Easter egg hides because it was a little chicken.
  3. An empty Easter basket can contain only one chocolate bunny because, after that, it’s not empty.
  4.   When the Easter Bunny met the rabbit of his dreams, they both lived hoppily ever after.
  5.   A line of rabbits walking backwards is called a receding hareline.
  6. I wouldn’t tell an Easter egg any good joke because it might crack up.
  7.   One colored egg say to the other, ‘heard any good yolks lately’?
  8.   A rabbit who tells jokes is called a funny bunny.

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Teacher Jokes

  1. The teacher wears sunglasses because his class is so bright.
  2. Your teacher’s eyes are crossed because she couldn’t control her pupils.
  3. Did you know the English teacher and the judge are the same? They both give out sentences.
  4. The teacher goes to the beach to test the water.
  5. I have big hands if I can hold 8 apples in one hand and 9 cucumbers in the other.
  6. If I get $30 from 6 friends, what do I get? I think a new scooter.
  7. Did you know the shortest month of the year is May? Why? It has three letters.
  8. If a teacher rolls her eyes at you, pick them up and roll them back.

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Weather Jokes

  1. The tornado tells the sports car, ‘let’s go for a spin’.
  2. The thunder’s best wear is the thunderwear.
  3. The tornado favorite game is the Twister.
  4. Rainbow is the only bow that can’t be tied.
  5. Temperature is the only object that falls that never hits the ground.
  6. The hurricanes only see with one eye
  7. The cloud’s wear under its raincoat is the thunderwear.
  8. The cloud often says to the lightning bolt, ‘you’re shocking’.
  9. The weather reporter is one person no one believes, yet everyone listens to him.
  10. A volcano says to another one, ‘I lava you.’

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Thanksgiving Jokes

  1. Pilgrims’ pants often fall down because they wore their belt buckle on their hat.
  2. The toilet paper couldn’t’ cross the road because it got wiped out or stuck in a crack.
  3. How did they send the turkey through the mail? The Bird class!
  4. The turkey got the stuffing knocked out of him each when it got into a fight.
  5. The turkey isn’t hungry on Thanksgiving because he’s already stuffed!
  6. The turkey is the drummer in the Thanksgiving band because he had the drumsticks!
  7. A tur-key is not a good key for opening doors.
  8. The Pilgrim often drives a Plymouth as his car.
  9. The turkey will gobble up the whole desert if you set the turkey next to it.
  10. Students do poorly after Thanksgiving because everything gets marked down after the holidays!

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Weird Jokes 

  1. The thesaurus is the dinosaur with the best vocabulary.
  2. One DNA strand often asks the other DNA strand, ‘do these genes make my butt look big’?
  3. Johnny throws the clock out of the window so he can see time fly.
  4. Did you know that your apoco-lips are the part of your body that can cause the end of the world?
  5. The orange didn’t win the race because it ran out of juice.
  6. Ghosts aren’t good liars because you can see right through them.
  7. A funny mountainis called aHill-arious.
  8. Did you know that a computer’s favorite snack is thecomputer chips?
  9. Elephants do chew gum, but only not in public.
  10. Did you know that the cow that jumped over the moon is the first animal in space?
  11. A scientist freshens his breath with experi-mints.
  12. A rocket chip is fast, loud and crunchy.
  13. When he goes fishing, the librarian often takes with himself bookworms.
  14. The king goes to the bathroom so he could sit on the throne.
  15. The next time someone asks you, “what is a pirate’s favorite body part?” tell them “the booty.”
  16. A single vampire is called a bat-chelor.
  17. The skeleton wouldn’t cross the road because it lacked the guts.
  18. Did you know the graveyard is noisy because of all the coffins?
  19. Bad luck for you to meet a black cat when you’re a mouse!
  20. A scarecrows’ favorite fruit is the straw-berries!
  21. The baby ghost was sad because he wanted his mummy!
  22. Did you know the witches put the scream Cheese on their bagels?
  23. The vampire often says ‘fang-tastic’ about the Dracula movie.
  24. It’s difficult to get along with vampires because they can be pains in the neck.
  25. To make a witch’s itch, take away the ‘w.’
  26. The spell-ing is the easiest subject for the witch in school.
  27. Did you know that mummies most love the wrap music?
  28. The witch uses the Scarespray to do her hair.
  29. Peter Pan flies all the time because he Neverlands.
  30. Cinderella is a bad soccer player because she always runs away from the ball!
  31. PRIME-mates refer to two monkeys who share an Amazon account.
  32. Kids play with bored games when they can’t play with a phone.
  33. Spiders are lover of the Webbings event.
  34. Birds are fond of giving out Tweets on Halloween.
  35. The policeman says to his belly, ‘freeze. You’re under a vest.’
  36. You don’t tell a joke around a glass because it could crack up.
  37. You know a bike is thinking when its wheels are turning.
  38. When your nose gets stuffy at the rodeo, you call it Cowboy Boogie.
  39. The game of the sky is called Twister.
  40. Moms never prepare their own lunch in the morning.
  41. The difference between a guitar and a fish is that you can tune a guitar and you can’t tunafish
  42. The sink always says to the potty, ‘you look flushed.’
  43. The only nut that doesn’t like money is the cash ew.
  44. You don’t tell a joke about pizza because they are too cheesy.
  45. The only time people throw pieces of bread at your head is the time to duck.
  46. The God of Thunder needed to stretch his muscles when he was a kid because he was a little Thor.
  47. It’s easy to learn how to collect trash: just pick it as you go along.
  48. It is always windy inside a stadium because there are hundreds of fans.
  49. Do you know how many famous men and women were born on your birthday? None, only babies.
  50. The lamp doesn’t sink because it is too light.
  51. False teeth are like stars because they come out in the night.
  52. You tell a vampire has a cold when she starts coffin.
  53. It is worse finding half a worm in your apple than finding a worm.
  1. When the clock strikes 13, it’s time to get a new clock.
  2. A boomerang that won’t come back is called a stick.
  3. A dinner on the moon offers good food but nomuch atmosphere.
  4. Elsa can’t have a balloon because she’ll let it go.
  5. With ten-tickles you can make an octopus laugh?
  6. Putting a little boogie in a tissue will make it dance.
  7. Super pickle is the object that’s green and can fly.
  8. The nose often tells the finger, ‘stop picking on me.’
  9. The only musical instrument you find in the bathroom is the tuba toothpaste.
  10. The kid often comes to school with a ladder because she wants to go to high school.
  11. A vampire’s favorite fruit is a blood orange.
  12. The only lesson elves learn in school is the elf-abet.
  13. Did you know that a dog magician is called labracadabrador?
  14. Did you know that Pencil-vania is the place pencils have their vacation?
  15. A pony couldn’t sing a lullaby because she is a little horse.
  16. A skeleton doesn’t go to the dance because he had no body to dance with.
  17. Towel is the only cloth that gets wetter the more it dries.
  18. Two pieces of banana is called slippers.
  19. The banana goes to the doctor because it’s not peeling well.
  20. A stamp travels all over the world but yet stays in the corner.
  21. To fix a cracked pumpkin, all you need to do is use a pumpkin patch.
  22. The dentist only receive a little plaque as an award.
  23. The big flower often says to the little flower, ‘hi bud’!
  24. Once he crashes into the moon, the astronaut says, “I Apollo-gize.”
  25. Your dad puts his money in the freezer because he wantedcold hard cash.
  26. The astronaut couldn’t book a hotel on the moon because it was full.
  27. Pickles enjoy a day out by relishing it.
  28. An old snowman is called water.
  29. If you want to throw a party in space, you’ve got to planet.
  30. Every time zero often says to eight, ‘Nice belt!’
  31. When the tomato sees the salad dressing, it starts to blush.
  32. A fish that has no eye is called a fish.
  33. The difference between roast beef and pea soup is that anyone can roast beef.
  34. What you get when you cross a centipede with a parrot is a walkie talkie.
  35. Robots have nerves of steel; that’s why they’re never afraid.
  36. Cabbage will always win the race because it is a-head.
  37. An evil hen lays deviled eggs.
  38. The book always puts on a jacket in the winter.
  39. The sound you hear when acow breaks the sound barrier is ‘Cowboom!’
  40. The kind of haircuts bees get is Buzzzzzcuts.
  41. The broom was running late because it over-swept.
  42. The bread often loafs around on vacation.
  43. The porcupines always win the game because they have the most points.
  44. Elephants usually pack their clothes in their trunks
  45. You can’t play hockey with pigs because they always hog the puck.
  46. The robot finishes his breakfast because the orange juice tells him to concentrate.
  47. 6 is always mad at seven because 7 8 9.
  48. If you see peanut butter on your doorknob, use a door jam.
  49. You get a pie-thon if you cross a pie and a snake.

Hilarious Jokes for – Diet Jokes

  1. Haven’t you heard of the hungry cock? He went back five seconds.
  2. Someone who can stick to a diet is called a desserter.
  3. A man’s balanced diet is a beer in each hand.
  4. A fake noodle is called animpasta.

Hilarious Jokes for Kids – Maths Jokes

  1. Never trust math teachers who use graph paper. They’re always plotting something.
  2. Friends who love math are called algebros.


The next time she comes with her inquisitive mind or pester you with her curious questions, crack up her ribs with any of these hilarious jokes for kids. Never get easily cross with your kids when they come with their barrage of questions.

Apart from teaching them not to get too serious all the time, jokes have their own therapeutic function. Watch your kids’ mood properly; choose your words carefully, and put yourself in a relaxed and exciting sulk.