200+ Never Have I Ever Questions – The Complete List

200+ Never Have I Ever Questions

Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular games played among friends. There are many versions; some involving alcohol or even strip teasing, but the basic premise is that it is a lot of fun. In this post, we will see 200+ of these questions. You and your date/guests will definitely have a great time answering these questions. So, without further ado, here are 200+ of the best Never Have I Ever questions.

 Never Have I Ever Questions – “Clean” version

  1. Peed in the Shower
  2. Peed in the swimming pool
  3. Watched Porn With A Friend
  4. Farted in an Elevator
  5. Farted in public, smelt it, and enjoyed the way it smelled
  6. Lied To My Parents
  7. Been Arrested
  8. Did a poo in my pants
  9. Forwarded the gift someone gifted me
  10. Been in handcuffs
  11. Been to a church after being drunk
  12. Lied to protect my cheating friend
  13. Fooled around with my Sibling
  14. Got A tattoo that I Regretted
  15. Peed in the Shower
  16. Peed in the swimming pool

Never Have I Ever Naughty Version

  1. Flirted with my friend’s sister
  2. Slept with an ex just because you were horny
  3. Had a crush on my friend’s mom/dad
  4. Sexted
  5. Had sex with someone just because he/she was hot
  6. Kissed someone even when you don’t know her/him
  7. Had sex in a sleeping bag
  8. Had sex in a limo
  9. Done a pole dance
  10. Done a lap dance
  11. Masturbated at someone else’s place
  12. Had a one night stand
  13. Approached a hooker
  14. Had sex in a pool
  15. Fantasized about friend’s mom/dad
  16. Had sex with friend’s sibling
  17. Sent nudes to someone
  18. Flashed someone to get a beer
  19. Cheated in a relationship
  20. Used a sex toy
  21. Listened to music during sex
  22. Walked into parent’s room while they were having sex
  23. Seen parent’s having sex
  24. Saw your neighbor bathing nude
  25. Had phone sex
  26. Had morning sex
  27. Had sex with someone and then regretted
  28. Paid for sex
  29. Said “I Love You” just to have sex
  30. Stripped for someone
  31. Made out in the open
  32. Had sex on a couch
  33. Made out on the pool table
  34. Made out on the kitchen counter
  35. Had a friend with benefits
  36. Being caught looking at the cleavage
  37. Took a call while having sex
  38. Been to a sex toy shop
  39. Had sex in the hospital
  40. Masturbated in a public place
  41. Said No to sex
  42. Had a nude facetime
  43. Been a part of an orgy
  44. Made out with someone of the same sex
  45. Had a kiss which totally blown me
  46. Caught my partner cheating on me
  47. Kissed in the rain
  48. Had sex when I was younger than 16
  49. Slept with my girlfriend’s sibling
  50. Had sex in the parking lot
  51. Had sex with my teacher
  52. Walked on a street with a hard-on
  53. Been caught masturbating in the high school
  54. Flirted with my teacher
  55. Tested my heterosexuality
  56. Given a handjob to someone
  57. Kissed someone of the same sex
  58. Called the wrong name during sex
  59. Became pregnant before marriage
  60. Had sex just to refresh my mood
  61. Being caught in a red light area
  62. Been warned by neighbors to scream less while having sex
  63. Given or received a sensual massage
  64. Asked to masturbate someone while performing lap dance
  65. Sent a sex text to a teacher in the university
  66. Played at sex with anyone
  67. Had sex with a person double my age
  68. Licked the genital organ of someone I had a crush on
  69. Discharged semen in the public place
  70. Had sex behind the bush
  71. Rubbed my ass on wood so as to eradicate the itchiness
  72. Farted while making out
  73. Fantasize about my aunt
  74. Had sex with an impotent person
  75. Bitten the nipple of my partner so hard that it started bleeding
  76. Tried a gang bang just to have experience
  77. Inserted in the wrong hole
  78. Been asked to stop and go while making out
  79. Made a video of someone making out behind the bush
  80. Used ice cubes while making out
  81. Had sex on my parent’s bed while they were out
  82. Slept with someone within an hour of meeting
  83. Had a sex dream about someone in the family
  84. Stolen condom from my father’s pocket
  85. Been afraid of AIDS
  86. Taken a pill to prevent pregnancy
  87. Had sex in the Trial room
  88. Watched Animal Porn
  89. Tried Anal
  90. Been on a Mile High Club
  91. Taught someone how to unhook a bra
  92. Been caught masturbating by any parent
  93. Woken to someone giving me head
  94. Been to a sex party
  95. Done it while being on periods
  96. Been involved in incest
  97. Got aroused during a medical examination
  98. Danced dirty

Never Have I – Funny Version

  1. Woke up nude at the beach
  2. Attended a wedding with clothes torn
  3. Slept on the commode
  4. Remembered where I lived after getting drunk
  5. Drank so much that I could not recognize my father
  6. Laughed so hard that I peed
  7. Lied about my birthday just to get a free dessert
  8. Held a snake and frightened
  9. Pointed a gun at someone and got beaten in return
  10. Acted over smart and became a laughing object
  11. Tried a stunt on bike and fallen badly
  12. Been afraid of a syringe and cried
  13. Used a stupid pickup line and got rejected
  14. Dressed like the opposite sex
  15. Hated a present but told a lie
  16. farted in a meeting and blamed someone else
  17. peed out of fear in a roller coaster
  18. Crashed your car after being drunk
  19. Dropped my phone in the toilet
  20. Cried while watching Titanic
  21. Had a cockroach on me and almost died out of fear
  22. Stepped barefoot in dog’s poop
  23. Walked in the bathroom when there was already someone
  24. Started crying because I was hungry
  25. Burnt something while cooking
  26. Been threatened for sending a candy crush request
  27. Been slapped on the first date
  28. Started laughing in serious situations
  29. Gone out without wearing underwear
  30. Showed my tongue to an ATM Camera
  31. Said a baby was cute when it was obviously ugly.
  32. Had an embarrassing hickey that wouldn’t go away.
  33. Tasted my boogers/mucus as a child or an adult.
  34. Stolen a piece of candy from a kid.
  35. Purposely killed videogame characters because I am a sadistic jerk.
  36. Taken all the red and purple ones when offered skittles.
  37. Stalked my own social media
  38. Flipped a board game when I was clearly going to lose.
  39. Pretended to be in an action movie when out for a run.
  40. Googled myself more than five times.
  41. Blamed the internet connection just to get away with Skyping with someone I didn’t want to.
  42. Recorded myself singing.
  43. Rested my hands down my pants for added warmth.
  44. Constantly imagined my crush observing me so I would maintain my best behavior.
  45. Sobbed over cheesy Youtube marriage proposals.
  46. Fantasized about the day I will totally slay the dance battle.
  47. Pretended not to receive someone’s text just because I didn’t want to reply.
  48. Made out with someone in my office
  49. Tried to shake a blind man’s hand in a public setting
  50. Set someone’s hair on fire
  51. Killed an animal with my bare hands
  52. Faked my own death to get out of going to a birthday party
  53. Been kicked in the bum
  54. Had a “dry dream.”
  55. Gotten lost at sea
  56. Stuck my tongue in a wasps nest on accident
  57. Collected all 150 Pokemon
  58. Eaten a Taco Bell $5 box without feeling shame
  59. Gone to the local playground just to have a little look-see
  60. Stolen a dog so you can have the satisfaction of returning it and saving the day
  61. Sniffed Post Malone
  62. Proposed to someone as a joke
  63. Woken up on the roof of a Jimmy Johns
  64. Been to a nude beach
  65. Eaten a carton of eggs in one sitting
  66. Milked an animal other than a cow
  67. Face-timed a B-list celebrity
  68. Done the ice bucket challenge, regardless of how many times I was “nominated.”
  69. Hid a hickey with a brand new face tattoo
  70. Conned an unsuspecting teen into washing my car by convincing them I am an experienced martial arts teacher
  71. Witnessed a live childbirth
  72. Let a friend tattoo my body
  73. Crushed on a fictional character in a serious way
  74. Considered auditioning for the Bachelor/Bachelorette because it would be easier than working my current 9-5 job
  75. Had a gold tooth
  76. Lost an entire day because I got absorbed into the world wide web
  77. Zipped up my winkie in my jeans
  78. Had more than 2 nipples
  79. Seen a ghost
  80. Given a friend/relative a Brazilian wax
  81. Used the word “savage” unironically
  82. Been punched in the face
  83. Eaten human meat
  84. Thrown the first pitch at a baseball game or gone streaking

Never Have I Ever – For Women

  1. Picked a booger and flicked it across the room.
  2. Played dress up/makeover games even as an adult.
  3. Applied fresh makeup over yesterday’s makeup.
  4. Gotten into a typical catfight with another girl.
  5. Shaven only parts of my legs that will be exposed, instead of shaving completely.
  6. Secretly checked out other women’s boobs to compare sizes.
  7. Felt attracted to a Tomboy/butch.
  8. Watched myself cry in the mirror to see how pretty I look.
  9. Got turned on by lesbian porn.
  10. Fantasized about giving my man a complete makeover and dress up.
  11. Cat called a man.
  12. Snuck things in my bra.
  13. Thought the male genitals are absolutely disgusting.
  14. Checked out another girl’s butt.
  15. Gotten with a man for his wealth and not him as a person.
  16. Tried to act cute to get things done.
  17. Tried to rhyme my name with a nice guy’s surname immediately after I met him.
  18. Had a laugh with my friends about how silly men can be.
  19. Used a men’s room when the ladies’ line was too long.
  20. Accidently pulled out my lashes when curling them.
  21. Had an embarrassing period situation.
  22. Had issues with my dad.

Never Have I Ever – For Men

  1. Bonded with another guy by hating his interests.
  2. Attempted suicide.
  3. Got a girl pregnant.
  4. Visited the church and a gay bar on the same day.
  5. Farted and blamed it on a pet.
  6. Stared at another man’s bulge with appreciation.
  7. Felt like not taking charge/being the submissive one during sex.
  8. Felt attracted to a feminine man.
  9. Eaten alligator meat.
  10. Cried when peeing with a morning boner.
  11. Cat-called a woman.
  12. Gotten hit in the crotch so bad I forgot to breathe.
  13. Taken advantage of a minor.
  14. Taken online penis quizzes.
  15. Actually measured my size.
  16. Objectified a woman.
  17. Believed in/agreed with feminism.
  18. Viewed lesbians as a threat to the male supremacy.
  19. Volunteered to stand up for a woman who was being ridiculed.
  20. Put my mom’s needs ahead of my girlfriend’s.
  21. Had homophobic beliefs.
  22. Agreed with misogynistic views.
  23. Felt pressured by society’s views of being ‘manly’.
  24. Cut loose a gay friend who was attracted to me.
  25. Been dishonest in business dealings/ with a significant other.
  26. Labelled a girl’s anger as her PMS.
  27. Done something extremely silly or dangerous to impress a girl.
  28. Watched a chic flick and loved it.
  29. Been a victim of molestation.



Although it can be considerably hard to enjoy the company of people when you don’t have anything to say, Never Have I Ever questions are an excellent way of breaking the ice and enjoying a great time. Use the over 200 questions in this post to have an awesome time with friends.

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