Reading Head Start Review – Read This Before You Buy It

Reading is a fundamental requirement for proper functioning as an adult. It is an invaluable gift that will help your children from childhood right through adulthood. As a parent, you understand the need to have your child gain this ability. As many parents will confirm, many children have different capabilities. Some gain the ability very quickly, while others take their sweet time to learn how to read. Well, if your child has a problem reading, you’ll certainly want something that can help him, or her know how to read. There are several programs and products on the market with this goal. In this review, we will consider one of such. It is the Reading Head Start program. We will consider its features, pros, cons, and other necessary information. At the end of the review, you should be able to decide whether to purchase it or not.

Reading can be difficult

While you might know how to read (as you are obviously reading this post), it might be hard for your kid. If you find out that your child:

  • Flips through pages without reading a single word
  • ‘Hates’ books
  • Would rather do anything else apart from reading
  • Loves other activities, e.g., video games and playing with friends

Then you might have a problem on your hands. In such a case, then, you will need a tool that can help your child. This is where Reading Head Start comes in.

What is Reading Head Start?

Reading Head Start is a program that helps your kid learn how to read. It is a scientifically-proven program that is designed to help your child using simple to follow steps and regimes.

It isn’t a physical program. Instead, it is a digital program that is divided into 4 phases. This breakdown is in sections that are very easy to handle for a guardian or parent. The goal of each section is to help the kid. It uses a reward system as your child receives a certificate after completing each section.

While other programs might have awarded your kid for participation, this program doesn’t do that. It reinforces the belief that a person has to work hard before earning stuff.

The Reading Head Start program does more than just help your child know how to read. Additionally, the program improves the phonemic skills of the kid using sound-association skill building.

As stated earlier, it is a pretty easy and straightforward program. It can be broken down into 15-minute teaching sessions. This is great since children have pretty short attention spans.

The Reading Head Start program will assist the kid read faster. You can start using for kids as young as 2 years of age.

Aside from the program itself, you will also get a detailed guide. This guide contains a day-to-day breakdown of the programs to teach in each session.

Overall, the benefits of this program last well into the future.  

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Who is the author of Reading Head Start?

The Reading Head Start didn’t just come up by chance. It was created to help parents by a parent. Sarah Shepard is the author of the program. She is qualified to produce such a program for several reasons.

First, she has more than 14 years of experience as a teacher. Therefore, she knows the best ways to reach the heart of young ones and help them.

As a professional teacher with plenty of experience, she created this program because of her child. She noticed that he had issues with reading.

By using this program, she was able to help him in a very short period.

How Does Reading Head Start work? 

This extensive, 40-week program comes with several parts that work in synergy to help your kid. It would be counter-productive listing each way the program works. That is why I have decided to summarize the parts.

  • Lesson Plans

This program comes with several lesson plans that help you and your kid. Just as with a real teacher in the classroom, the lesson plans help you to know the right steps needed to help your kid read better.

It manages to do this in an informative yet fun way that will keep your kid interested.

  • Printable Flashcard and Letter Books

Yes, flashcard and letter books are from an earlier teaching age. However, they can still be as effective as they were in the past. These tools help your child to memorize words and build reading patterns.

With this program, you get access to these tools without having to spend plenty of money from a local library or store since you can simply download them.

  • Short Reading Passages

Lengthy passages are the bane of readers of all ages. Thankfully, this program contains short passages. Therefore, it would be less daunting for your kid to read them.

  • Worksheets

As the name implies, worksheets are designed to be like classwork or homework for your kids. The worksheets in the Reading Head Start contain educational and entertaining stuff that will keep your child engaged and keep learning.

These worksheets come in a colourful and enjoyable theme. Furthermore, since children have different learning capabilities, the worksheets are available based on grade level.

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What you’ll find in The Reading Head Start

The program comes with different lessons and worksheets. These can be easily accessed via the website. Thus, you don’t have to stress yourself before getting the required material. With your smartphone or other internet-enabled devices, you’ll be able to get all the material your kid needs to learn how to read well.

The website is simple and easy to navigate for all, including kids.

Interestingly, the website is ever-growing and is constantly updated. Therefore, some teaching modules that have gone obsolete are jettisoned in favor of more modern and effective teaching modules.

The 4 different phases or level are designed to attract your kid and keep them engaged. Each of the phases has games, lessons and more to keep your child entertained.

In summary, these are the things to expect from the Reading Head Start program:

  • Picture Cards
  • Letter Cards
  • Letter Formation
  • Sounds Out Cards
  • Irregular Word Cards
  • Advanced Phonics Cards

What Parents will learn from the program

Although Reading Head Start is primarily designed to help children, it can even help parents as well. Some of the things parents will learn include:

  • How to get your kid interested in reading
  • The do’s and don’ts of teaching your kid. This program gives parents the required advice that will help them get properly engaged in the education of their kids.
  • How to reverse dyslexia: at least to a manageable extent.
  • The bad teaching steps your child might be exposed to at school and how to reverse the negative effects.
  • You will learn steps on how to improve the self-esteem and confidence of your kid. This training can help positive repercussions all through the lifetime of the child.
  • How to improve the social interactions of your children.
  • Improving the vocabulary and communications skills of your kid
  • Optimal Neurological development: you will learn steps to improve your child’s brain development process.  

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The Benefits of Reading Head Start

There are several benefits of the program and reasons why it is so much better than several other programs on the market today. Let’s check out some of these benefits:

  • Easy to Use

Reading Head Start is one of the easiest programs of this nature to use. It is a good program that you can get started on in a very short period.

In this program, once your kid is settled, all you need to do is log into the website, press PLAY and begin the personal education of your child.

Since it is accessible via the internet, you can use it via any internet-enabled device. Therefore, you can teach wherever and whenever.

Furthermore, since it is broken into sections, you can teach your children in just 15-minute sessions per day.

  • Fun to Use

Since children have pretty short attention spans, it is imperative that whatever you are teaching them grabs their attention. The Reading Head Start program is fun and designed to grab their attention.

It features several interactive games and worksheets that your kid will love. While there are some sections more difficult to comprehend than others, this program breaks these down in a way that the kid will enjoy and understand.

  • Cheap and Effective

The program does not cost an arm and leg. You can get it for just a dollar (trial version) and this will available for up to three days. After the trial period, you can then pay $37 per month.

You can also choose to skip the trial period. Now you will have to spend $16 every month for 1 year and for getting the lifetime access you will have to spend $297.

This program is also very effective. No wonder, therefore, that so many users have dropped positive reviews and recommend it to others.

The program teaches principle like phonics very effectively. The system followed is straightforward and designed to help your kid come to a logical conclusion in producing sounds from alphabets.

  • Warranty Period

If after buying the program, you do not enjoy using it, you can always return it. You can initiate a refund procedure and get your money back.

Note that this is available for a year after your initial purchase.  

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As with other programs on the market, Reading Head Start also comes with some drawbacks. Let’s see some of the disadvantages of the program.

  • Online

While being online means, it is easy to access. It can be a problem if you do not have a stable internet connection. This can result in breaks in learning which can easily bore your kid and prevent him from learning effectively.

  • Time consuming

You will certainly need to make time to teach your kid. You must be ready to give up about 15 minutes of your time each day.

Furthermore, your kid might not immediately be able to read. This can be a source of frustration.

  • No Personalization

The program is a one-shoe-fits-all kind of program. Any personalization has to come from you. Thankfully, the program lets you skip lessons if you feel your kid already mastered a session.

  • Difficult to Track progress

Each lesson would have been better off with a title. The lack of a title makes it quite difficult for the parent to navigate through lessons and resume from a particular point.

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Who is Reading Head Start Recommended For?

This excellent program is great for children of all ages who are learning how to read.

The program comes with loads of useful information and doesn’t cost plenty of money. Reading Head Start will assist your child in achieving the reading goal while learning everything in a fun and highly enjoyable way.

It should be noted, though, that it isn’t 100% fool-proof. You shouldn’t expect magic from the program. However, while it doesn’t guarantee 100% success, it surely helps the kid to develop some interest in reading.

This makes it very useful for kids that haven’t started learning how to read in school.  

Bonus Materials

The Reading Head Start comes with several bonuses that can further improve the learning experience.

The bonuses found in the program include:

  • Fun with Words: These books are designed to be easy and fun to read.
  • Reading Games: This bonus games are on the website and help you kid learn and play simultaneously.
  • Reading Shortcuts: These are designed to simplify the learning process.  

Our Verdict

Reading Head Start is one of the best reading programs available on the market today. It concentrates on helping your child learn how to read. It shows how words are pronounced and put together to produce sounds.

It uses simple principles that are highly effective. While it doesn’t offer 100% assurance that your kid will know how to read, it surely will help your kid think more logically and tackle reading problems effectively.

We highly recommend it to every parent and instructor looking to improve their kids’ reading ability.

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