What Is The Secret? A Review of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

What Is The Secret? A Review of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

Have you seen the movie “The Secret?” It came out around 2006/2007 and was a big hit almost instantly. Actually, it had a rocky start. It was supposed to be an Australian TV series and then at the last minute, the TV network pulled out of the deal. So instead, it was made into a DVD.

“The Secret” is a documentary movie about a woman named Rhonda Byrne who found out about a secret that most of us have never heard. The secret was “The Law of Attraction.” The whole movie is about her discovering this secret and her efforts to bring it to the public.

In order to explain the secret, she contacted many teachers and filmed them. But there is one hidden gem of information that most people don’t know about…

The Secret Hidden from the Movie

“The Secret” is about knowledge that was suppressed from the public for nefarious reasons – in order to keep control of the people. But one of the ironies of all ironies is that the movie “The Secret” hid a big secret. What was this secret about?

It was one of the teachers on the Law of Attraction. As matter of fact, this teacher on the Law of Attraction was one of the best sources of information on the topic. Most of the teachers in the movie learned what they learned about the Law of Attraction from this one teacher. Most of the teachers from the movie were on this teachers email list.

But before we get into that, let’s review the movie.

Movie Review

In the beginning, one of the appealing things about the movie was that they did a very good job with the cinematography and music. It grabs your attention. Plus, they made it feel urgent and important by creating scenes from centuries ago of men frantically trying to copy the secret down on what looked like papyrus before they got caught, etc.

As the non-fiction documentary movie continues, it first cuts to teacher Bob Proctor who says, “You know this secret gives you everything you want – happiness, health and wealth.” And then Dr. Joe Vitale who says that “You can have, do or be anything you want.” Then there’s a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson which was “The secret is the answer to all that has been and all that will ever be.”

Very intriguing! Now, let’s dive a little deeper into what was included, and what was not…

What is Included

One of the key concepts that the movie does discuss is that you attract EVERYTHING into your life, the good, bad and not so good. It was Dr. Joe Vitale who brings this to light. It’s the idea that whatever you give your attention to, you attract. But since most people think way too much about what they don’t want instead of thinking about what they DO want, then they create a difficult life. Whatever you believe, you achieve, whether it is good or bad.

The movie also gets a little into quantum physics where quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf says that the mind shapes what is perceived. Then it gets into how we usually don’t manifest anything we want instantly and how that’s a good thing. They use the example of a man who instantly manifests an elephant in his living room because he thought of traveling to Africa, etc…

The movie also digs into how our thoughts and feelings work – that the thought must come first before the feeling. And that we must feel “as-if” we already have what we want in order to create it. And then it gets into how our thoughts and feelings work, how feelings let you know how you are doing, how important it is to just feel good, and how it can even cure cancer.

A lot is covered from every aspect of our lives on how to manifest – from parking spaces, to money, to mansions and even ideal relationships. It covers a lot. But now the question is, what did they leave out?

The Secret Removed from “The Secret”

Did you know that there are two versions of the movie? Basically, the Law of Attraction expert known as “Abraham” and otherwise known as Esther Hicks was removed from the movie. You see, Esther “channels” an entity named “Abraham.” Rumor was that in the whole process of changing the marketing of the movie from a TV series to a DVD, that certain investors were uncomfortable with the movie having someone who “channels.”

But Esther Hicks came out with a statement that made it sound like it was more of just an intellectual property rights issue. Somewhere in there is the truth!

Why is this important?

When you consider that most of the teachers in the movie were on the email list of Esther Hicks (Abraham), you start to see why…

For the most part, they were all getting their information on the Law of Attraction from Abraham. It was that good…

Even Oprah knew about Abraham and she too had Esther on her radio show ONLY, because Oprah knew that her TV audience couldn’t handle it – they couldn’t handle the truth! That leads us to the question, what does Abraham talk about that people are so fearful of?

Abraham’s Teachings

First of all, most of the public thinks that channeling is very strange, woo-woo and even evil. Some think that channelers are possessed. But that is what happens when people are presented something new that challenges their belief system. Our beliefs are powerful, and for many religions, channeling only happened for the apostles who wrote the Bible. To them, it can’t happen for anyone else.

One of the big differences that Abraham explains is that all of us have an inner-being who is constantly communicating with us in every minute. The other teachers don’t really go into that very deeply because they understand the controversy of believing in that.


Because your inner-being communicates to you through your feelings. The other teachers talk about how your feelings are what attracts everything that you want, but they really don’t mention your inner-being.

Abraham teaches that your inner-being is what gives you the impulse to do something. They also teach that your inner-being is immortal, and hence, you are immortal. So the concept of reincarnation is taught too, which flies in the face of many religions.

You are a piece of God. Abraham even takes it a little step further and says, “You are that which man calls God.” What Abraham means by this is that all of us are source energy.

That’s the real secret.

The secret, in essence, is about YOU!

You are the leading edge of the spiritual world. You are the furthest extension of source energy. You are not less than. You never were less than. You are more powerful than you know. And, you are eternal…

Can you handle it? Can you handle the truth???