How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works

How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works

The typical vision board involves cutting pictures out of magazines of everything that you want in life and posting them on a large white board. Or, you could find pictures on the internet and then print them out, etc.

Then the recommendation is to put your vision board somewhere in your current vicinity where you live so that you can look at it often during the day.

The idea is that when you have the constant reminder of what you want in front of you, that your subconscious mind and the universe will go to work on attracting everything to you that is on your board…

It became really popular after the following event happened…

After the movie “The Secret” came out around 2006/2007, people heard the amazing story by John Assaraf, one of the Law of Attraction gurus in the movie.

John said that one day, he was working in his new home in his new office and his 5 year old son came into his office and sat down on a box. While sitting on the box, his son asked his dad what was in it.

John told his son that it was a box of vision boards that he had boxed up about 5 years ago. John tried to explain to his son what the vision board was, but he really didn’t understand.

Instead, John decided to open up the box and show his son what it was.

As he pulled out one of the vision boards, what was on it shocked him…

On his vision board was a picture of the EXACT HOUSE that he had just recently bought! The one that he was currently residing in.

It was so surprising (in a good way) to John that he started to cry…

He had truly learned how to manifest what he wanted.

But is John’s experience really normal? Can most people just cut out a bunch of pictures of what they want, slap them up on a board and expect all of those things to magically fall into their lap?

There answer is no. Not really. Then the question becomes, why not? Let’s cover that next.

Why Don’t Vision Boards Work for Everyone?

If you don’t have the proper understanding of why vision boards work, then it won’t work. The whole point of a vision board is to assist you to FEEL good – to feel as if what you want is already here.

But if you look at your vision board and it makes you feel upset that none of those things have come true yet, then you are doing the exact opposite of attracting it.

It’s a rather ironic and frustrating thing, really!

For example, if you say “I am a millionaire,” but you don’t believe it, then your dis-belief will keep it from coming true. But if you say “More and more money is coming into my experience,” and you believe that, then that will come true.

It’s all about how something makes you feel – whether it is a picture on a vision board, or a thought/belief that you think.

Hoping Vs. Believing Vs. Knowing

The feeling of hope is much better than depression, guilt or despair of course. If you are feeling depressed, the feeling of hope feels better and is definitely a step in the right direction. But it’s not quite enough. You have to get into a feeling place of BELIEF in order to manifest what you want.

Belief is powerful, and when you believe in something or that something is true, it sends a message out into the universe and the universe will fulfill your belief, whether it is a positive belief or a negative belief.

But there is something that is more powerful than belief, and that is KNOWING.

Knowing is belief manifested. In other words, belief is before you manifest and knowing is after. Knowing is having had several experiences of belief coming true. Belief is still faith. Knowing is having factual evidence of things coming true for you.

So the problem with most people regarding vision boards is that they get stuck in the HOPING vibration, and don’t make it into the BELIEVING and KNOWING feelings…

It all depends upon how things make you feel, and that is why the effectiveness of vision boards is so different from person to person.

How can you improve your vision board so that you can manifest the things that are on it?

How to Improve Your Vision Board

The way to improve your vision board is this. Under or around every picture, write in bold pen how having what’s in the picture will make you feel.

How will you feel when you have that new house? That new car? All that money? More friends? Better family relationships?

On the white space of your vision board, write down all of those feelings. You could write things like:

  • I feel good!
  • I feel happy!
  • I feel inspired.
  • I feel secure.
  • I feel love!
  • I feel so much appreciation.
  • I feel clear. I feel clarity.
  • I feel empowered!
  • I feel abundant.
  • I feel in control of my life.
  • I feel the rush of a new, great idea!

Put it in the present tense if that feels best to you. You could say, “I’ll feel happy,” if that feels more believable to you. Whatever words work best for you is the way to go.

Some of these, like the last one “I feel the rush of a new, great idea!” don’t need a picture.

The point with all of this is that FEELING is key and the most important thing to manifesting what you want. But also, all that matters is how YOU FEEL. This is why it’s best to make your own vision board, and make sure that everything on it makes you feel good – not someone else!


In summary, vision boards are a great way to help you to visualize what it is that you want. But it only works if it makes you feel good when you view it and think about it.

Feelings are key. When you emit the vibrational frequency of how you will feel when you have said item on your vision board, then you will attract it. The way creation works is that you have to feel the feeling first. That’s how creation works.

And that’s how to get your vision board to work.