What Is a Mantra? – 8 Mantras for Creating the Life You Want

What Is a Mantra? - 8 Mantras for Creating the Life You Want

Basically, a mantra is a sound or a word or sentence that is supposed to have special inner spiritual power according to Hinduism and Buddhism. A mantra can be a sound like “ahhhhhh” or “ommmm” that you repeat in your mind while meditating. The sound of “ahhhhh” is supposed to be creative and can be used in morning meditation, and the sound of “ommmm” is supposed to be the sound of completion and can be used for evening or night time meditation.

The whole point of meditation is meant to help you to quiet your mind so that your vibration will naturally rise. But quieting our mind is really hard to do for most of us because our minds are wired to think, and to think often.

Using words like “ahhhhh” or “ommmmm” is good because most of us have not associated a negative connotation to either word. In other words, if we were to use other words that have meaning to us, they might be counter-productive if at some level there is resistance connected with it.

In the traditional sense of using this concept of mantras, this is why they work well.

But in the more westernized, Law of Attraction teachings sense, a mantra is more like a powerful affirmation that you can use in order to attract what you want. The most powerful mantras are “I am” statements.

Consider the affirmation, “I want to feel worthy.” From the vibrational perspective, this statement is a feeling of hope. In other words, when a person states it, it’s assumed that their current feeling is that they don’t feel worthy yet. It’s a feeling of how they want to feel.

Next, consider the affirmation “I feel worthy.” This is a statement that vibrates around the feeling of belief as compared to hope. It’s an improvement over hope, and “I want to feel worthy,” but there’s one that is even more powerful.

Now, consider the affirmation or mantra of, “I AM worthy.”

Notice how that statement is more powerful and a higher vibration. That is where your westernized thinking type of mantra should be.

Here are the top 8 mantras that you can start using to create the life that you want:

1. I am Worthy

Most of us have been trained and taught from a young age that we are not worthy unless we do something that proves it. Emphasis is on action because it is assumed that none of us are born worthy. But that’s the exact opposite of what is true.

You were born worthy and you have nothing to prove. And the sooner that you believe and know this, the better.

2. I am Good Enough

The truth is that you truly can be, do and have whatever you want. You are good enough. And the only thing stopping you from being your best self is self-doubt and self-sabotage.

That may seem impossible to you because you may have bought into the lie that your intelligence is set at birth, and that you cannot improve it.

That’s not true either!

New scientific research has shown that even the elderly can grow new brain cells and learn new things. The problem isn’t you – it’s what you’ve been taught about you!

How can you excel at anything you want?

It’s actually very easy…

It’s about desire and focus.

With enough desire, focus and belief in yourself, you can accomplish anything.

3. I am Smart Enough

This is another important mantra because most of us have been taught that we aren’t smart enough. From a very early age, we are compared to others at school. And unless you were the smartest one in all of your classes in all of your education, you’ve probably felt a little less smart than some other class-mates.

But again, the truth is that if you apply enough desire and focus to any subject matter, you can master anything.

There are many different types of intelligence too. Many people who are not that great at regular academics have very high emotional intelligence ability. And in the long run, emotional intelligence can be more important.

4. I am Healthy

This is a great mantra to repeat to yourself in order to create perfect health. According to the Law of Attraction teachings, your belief about how healthy you are is paramount to creating real health. The placebo effect is evidence of this. There are many examples of where people have truly healed themselves simply with the power of their belief.

5. I am Wealthy

By repeating this mantra, you are affirming the way that you want to feel relative to money. How you feel when you say these mantras is important. If you say this one when you are feeling the opposite, it will probably not feel good to you. Use it when you are feeling good, or when it feels good to use it.

6. I am Abundant

This is a better one for most than saying “I am wealthy” because it leaves money out of the picture for the most part.

You can be abundant without having to have money. And when you get to the feeling of abundance, then the money will come!

7. I am a Good Friend

By putting it out there that you are a good friend, you will attract more friends, and more friends who are also good!

Being a good friend is important. This mantra cannot be under-stated because good relationships are one of the most important things to human beings.

Without others, life is not nearly as much fun!

You can also exchange “good friend” with “good father,” or mother, or son, or daughter, etc. It will be good for you and the relationship between you and your loved ones.

Use mantras that mean the most to you.

8. I am a Powerful Spiritual Being

When you start to see yourself for who you really are, it will be a lot easier to create the life that you want. When you see yourself this way, no obstacle will stand in your way. Worry, fear and concern will be a whole lot easier to handle. Why? Because you’re a powerful, spiritual being, that’s why!


In summary, “I am” statements are the westernized style of mantra to use in order to create the life that you truly want. Say them in silence throughout your day and also when you meditate, and you’ll start to see a difference right away…